Haryana e-Seva Scheme

| Sector: Government

This scheme is for establishment and roll-out the CSCs under the name and style of “Haryana e-Seva” throughout the state of Haryana following a Private Entrepreneurship Business Model, in line with the approach envisaged by Government of India.The private entrepreneur, known as the Village Level Entrepreneur (VLE)/ Urban Level Entrepreneur (ULE), be it the rural or the urban area, as per the GoI nomenclature, is to be selected as the CSC operator and is to be authorized to act as a citizen service delivery point on behalf of the Government.

List of documents under this scheme:

  1. Download form for establishment of CSC: Download(140 KB)
  2. Haryana CSC Scheme Concept & Proposal: Download(1.77 MB)
  3. Haryana e-Seva Notification: Download(224 KB)


Haryana e-seva scheme is a citizen centric scheme beneficial for every individual.


Fast delivery of e-services