BPL Urban

| Sector: Government

In Tenth Five-Year Plan BPL for urban areas was based on degree of deprivation in respect of seven parameters: roof, floor, water, sanitation, education level, type of employment and status of children in a house.

List of BPL families according to block of sonipat district:

  1. Ganaur Block: Download(480 KB)
  2. Kharkhoda Block:Download(352 KB)
  3. Gohana Block:  Download(940 KB)
  4. Sonipat Block (Ward 1 t0 10,18,23): Download(600 KB)
  5. Sonipat Block (Ward 11 to 31 except 18,23): Download(872 KB)


Urban BPL families


Empowerment and Development of urban BPL families