Station House Officer (SHO) of the Police Stations is of the rank of Sub-Inspector /Inspector of Police. The SHOs are responsible for the effective working, management, good conduct and discipline of the local Police, for the preservation of peace and the prevention and detection of crime, concentrated measures are adopted by the police to check crime. For the prevention and detection of crime which include surprise checking, dusk and night patrolling, location of pickets at strategic points, surveillance over B.C.s, criminals etc., Opening of history sheets in respects of criminals. Redressal of public complaints receives top priority.


The main function of the Police Control Room is to maintain communication link with various Police Stations/Police Posts and mobile factions through wireless for the maintenance of law & order effectively. The PCRs also provide security to VIPs and carryout relief functions.


In order to investigate sensational or complicated cases and crimes committed by gangs of criminals a CIA-I, CIA-II & CIA-III Staff headed by an Inspector has been constituted under the direct supervision of the Superintendent of Police, Sonepat. The record of the criminals are maintained in CRO Branch of CIA which includes crime, index of criminals, publication of weekly CIA gazette record of unidentified dead bodies, Missing persons, un-traces cases of crime against property, unclaimed vehicles, stolen vehicles etc.


Every district has a unit of criminal investigations department Haryana headed by an Inspector. This unit collects all kind of Intelligence from the fields and convey to the district for police for the maintenance of law & order and public peace in all sections of the society.


There is a Security Branch in the district Police Office for making necessary arrangements for the security of VIPs and other prominent persons including foreigners. Besides, this branch also deals with the cases of verifications, character verification etc. The staff posted in this branch also collects intelligence from the field.